Honeyland Festival


Team: IMG, Live Nation Urban, Komunion Studio, Pascal Kouwenhoven, Maya Halbert, Kasey Lim, Angela Gong, Lauren Cheeseborough,  L’pree Anita Bruney
2023 was the first year of Honeyland Festival in Sugarland, Texas. A vibrant festival that celebrated the finest expressions of Black culture, it brought together top restaurateurs, beverage creators, and artists. Using brand guidelines, I designed applications throughout the festival, such as the stage, packaging, sinage, the passport (a guidebook and scavenger hunt for atendees), and more “Seasoned with soul, Honeyland is an elevation of Black chefs, brewers, and artists who form the fabric of American cuisine. It’s a celebration of those experts who transform our lives, and it’s all coming together to carve a path for the next generation.”