Team: Komunion Studio, Pascal Kouwenhoven, Kasey Lim, Schuyler Polk
IndaKure embodies a belief in cannabis for collective wellbeing. Founded by first-generation Ghanaian-American identical twin sisters, Mariam and Amina Kure, IndaKure stands as a beacon of social equity in the cannabis retail sphere. More than a retail dispensary, IndaKure is a space for empowerment and education, demystifying cannabis usage with trustworthy guidance and approachable resources.

Using Adinkra symbols from Ghana, I created icons to represent the mission and background of Indakure. The main icons emulate the founders, femininity and unity of Indakure, while the secondary icons represent the 5 main aspects of the brand creating unique patterns and pops of color. I worked to create an earthy color palette that doesn’t hold back the brand from standing out in the Cannabis space.