Open Heart

Experiential + Branding

This exhibition is an experience to highlight and question the intimacy between two people.
It is a space that is built with harmony in mind. When each people enter from different sides, they are presented with a live projection of the other person in front of them. Both participants must answer questions presented to them on the screen without being able to hear each other, only seeing. When the two participants leave the space, it opens up a conversation. Do they share with each other what they had said while in the exhibition? Did they realize something in themselves about that person that they are willing to share?

Inspired by the traditional architecture of palaces, the roof of the space opens upwards, creating the feelings of invititation and empowerment. This space also takes inspiration from the small, intimate rooms in which people of importance discussed matters.


Lights that create the color and glow of the exhibit change to create a well-rounded experience of reflection.  The colors are orange in the beginning, and transition to blue when the deeper questions are asked.

  • Live projection of other person
  • Participants are asked to take off their shoes before entering the space.
  • Participant puts on noise-cancelling headphones that play back their own voice when speaking into attached mic.
  • Questions are asked on the screen where they answer out loud.
  • Ethereal music plays on speakers inside of the exhibition.
  1. What’s your relationship with this person?
  2. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about this person?
  3. Can you describe this person in 3 words?
  4. How do you know you can trust this person?
  5. How can this person know that they can trust you?
  6. How has this person ever dissapointed you?
  7. What has this person taught you?
  8. What have you taught this person?
  9. Where do you see you and this person in 10 years?

Free posters are given out after finishing the experience. Questions from the exhibit are written, and the participant is able to fill them out and give to their partner if they wish. Color variations are available as well.

Monochromatic colors used for sets of social posts showing activities or stories. 

Interactive website utilizes icons and colors, the cursor repels the icons. 

Promotional posters. Monochromatic colors can be used for specific promotional material. 

T-shirts showcasing themes of the exhibit. 

Desk light of the head character icon with colors that fade into each other. 

Plush characters 

Enamel Pins